Ending my half-marathon “training”

I put training in quotes because aside from a few speed work outs and some longer runs, I basically just flopped around the city instead of putting in an effort to make every run quality. I’ve only averaged 30 mile weeks, and I was hoping to have at least three 35-40 mile weeks during the peak of my training. I also did most of my long runs on the treadmill when it stayed dark until 7:30am — I  wish I could leave a 13-miler for the afternoon, but I would inevitably have a beer at lunch or after work. I couldn’t be motivated, let alone capable, to run 13 miles after even one lager.

After the Richmond Marathon '13

So, this week, before I taper and take a tropical vacay the week before the Richmond 1/2, I’m going to try and knock out these last few runs:

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: 8 miles (with some sort of speed workout thrown in there)

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 13 miles

Friday: 5-6 miles

Saturday: 3-4 hungover miles


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