Many miles and many beers later…

About a year ago I stopped contributing to my beer blog after getting a job in the industry. It’s not that I didn’t have time or interest in critiquing all the new beers I was trying; it just so happened that all these awesome beers I was having fell between the cracks of my unused Untapped account or they were forgotten in the Notes app of my iPhone. Before I could recollect the amassment of brews I had fallen in love with, my brain and pallet was saturated with hops and malts and I forewent my blog and kept all imbibing to myself.

@The Galley

Natty Boh

I always considered taking a stab at revamping my old content, but I decided not to devote this entire platform to talking about beer. To give you a peek into my blogging habits, I’ve been following a million running and foodie blogs since college, and have always wanted to start my own blog, I just enjoyed writing more about beer than “What I Ate Wednesday…” Like, call me crazy, but I could tell you about the past seven years of Hungry Runner Girl, Kath, Peanut Butter Runner, and Carrots n’ Cake, even though I’ve never actually met these humans. I just read their blogs everyday, sometimes twice a day if they update that often. I should probably read the Wall Street Journal to this capacity, but then I guess I’d be bored.

@Monument Ave.

Anyways. I love beer, and I’ve always wanted to post updates about my running to maybe hold myself more accountable of my training, so, here I am, back at it again. I’m excited to weave together two of my favorite things: beer and running. As I prioritize happy hours, market beer-related events, and schedule my long runs, I’m going to ornament my calendar with beer festivals and half marathons.


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