Ending my half-marathon “training”

I put training in quotes because aside from a few speed work outs and some longer runs, I basically just flopped around the city instead of putting in an effort to make every run quality. I’ve only averaged 30 mile weeks, and I was hoping to have at least three 35-40 mile weeks during the peak of my training. I also did most of my long runs on the treadmill when it stayed dark until 7:30am — I  wish I could leave a 13-miler for the afternoon, but I would inevitably have a beer at lunch or after work. I couldn’t be motivated, let alone capable, to run 13 miles after even one lager.

After the Richmond Marathon '13

So, this week, before I taper and take a tropical vacay the week before the Richmond 1/2, I’m going to try and knock out these last few runs:

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: 8 miles (with some sort of speed workout thrown in there)

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 13 miles

Friday: 5-6 miles

Saturday: 3-4 hungover miles


Many miles and many beers later…

About a year ago I stopped contributing to my beer blog after getting a job in the industry. It’s not that I didn’t have time or interest in critiquing all the new beers I was trying; it just so happened that all these awesome beers I was having fell between the cracks of my unused Untapped account or they were forgotten in the Notes app of my iPhone. Before I could recollect the amassment of brews I had fallen in love with, my brain and pallet was saturated with hops and malts and I forewent my blog and kept all imbibing to myself.

@The Galley

Natty Boh

I always considered taking a stab at revamping my old content, but I decided not to devote this entire platform to talking about beer. To give you a peek into my blogging habits, I’ve been following a million running and foodie blogs since college, and have always wanted to start my own blog, I just enjoyed writing more about beer than “What I Ate Wednesday…” Like, call me crazy, but I could tell you about the past seven years of Hungry Runner Girl, Kath, Peanut Butter Runner, and Carrots n’ Cake, even though I’ve never actually met these humans. I just read their blogs everyday, sometimes twice a day if they update that often. I should probably read the Wall Street Journal to this capacity, but then I guess I’d be bored.

@Monument Ave.

Anyways. I love beer, and I’ve always wanted to post updates about my running to maybe hold myself more accountable of my training, so, here I am, back at it again. I’m excited to weave together two of my favorite things: beer and running. As I prioritize happy hours, market beer-related events, and schedule my long runs, I’m going to ornament my calendar with beer festivals and half marathons.

Summer of Saisons

Well, I have ants in my pants just THINKING about all the new seasonal beers I’ll try. Like, I threw on my jeans today and they were kind of itchy, and I thought about going to the awkward, oversized unisex bathroom to shake them out but then I just didn’t, and so I’ve been squirmy all day. So, I can only conclude that it’s just my J Brand’s telling me summer is right around the corner, and I need to gear up for an innumerable amount of Summer Ales and Saisons.

So I’ve been coming across some good looking beers; if not by peering through the frosty glass of Strawberry Street’s beer fridge, then through Daily Brew articles or by even doing my own due diligence. In my excitement, I aggregated a few brews I’m eager to get my paws on. Each beer has its own distinct reason why I chose it over another, may it be the brewery, the style, the can…And this just a short bucket list, which I hope to fulfill before summer actually even starts, which Google tells me is Friday, June 21.

1. Starr Hill’s Starr Saison, 6.0% – I’m a huge fan of Starr Hill beers, and I’m filled to the BRIM with excitement that they’ve brewed a Saison. So, this style originates from farmhouse breweries in Belgium, that’s why you might also see a beer of this style called a Farmhouse Ale. Apparently it’s pretty fruity with hints of earth, which I don’t doubt, seeing as their pumpkin ale tasted earthier as opposed to sweet pumpkin.

2. Legend Brewing Co.’s Lost City Saison – The brewpub just tapped this beer a few weeks ago, as a part of their Urban Legend rotation. Again, another brewery I’m very attached to, for it’s the oldest brewery in Central Virginia. It celebrated its 19th birthday this year, and is still the most widely distributed craft beer in the Richmond-area. Richmond is turning into a go-to destination for craft beer, which was initiated by the founders of Legend. In an effort to stay at the forefront of a suddenly competitive industry, they are launching their Urban Legend rotation. An’ thank GAWD a Saison was thrown into this mix.

3. Shipyard Brewing Co.’s Summer Ale, 4.8% – This has been in rotation every summer for a little while now, but now that it comes in a can, WHAT BETTER TO SHOTGUN WITH?!

4. 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon Wheat, 4.9% – So this guy is brewed as a traditional wheat beer, but undergoes a secondary fermentation using some watermelons. I also feel like this would be good on draft, but I wanna get a hold of a 6-pack of cans.

5. Southern Tier’s Hop Sun, 5.1% – I’m hoping for a prominent hop profile on this one, while it is still a smooth Wheat Ale. I hear it’s a mix of citrus flavors with some lemongrass thrown in there somewhere; but since I’m SO OBSESSED (like, put Pumpking in an IV and let me sit in a pile of leaves and soak up the sweet sweet pumpkin juice that is their pumpkin blend) with their Pumpkin Ale, I’d like to give their summer rendition a try.

Lastly, Blue Bee Cider opened [their tasting room] in Richmond, and I am always down to clown with some cider! Only a few steps from Legend, I think a beer to cider tasting could turn into a repeated Sunday pleasure.